3PRIME Helps Improve Larry Dominguez’s Social Media Presence

3PRIME recently began working for Armor-Tite Construction Corp and its co-owner, Larry Dominguez. Larry Dominguez was interested in increasing his social media presence and that of his company.

In order to accomplish this 3PRIME set up several profiles for Larry Dominguez and Armor-Tite. One of the first profiles we helped set up was the Larry Dominguez LinkedIn page. It was important to get his name out there in business circles for networking purposes. In addition to LinkedIn, 3PRIME helped Larry Dominguez set up a blog, a Google+ account and a Twitter profile.

3PRIME’s Focus On Communication

One of the things we pride ourselves for here at 3PRIME is our ability to communicate. There’s no shortage of information to be found on the web but not all of it accurate—whether it is from intentional misinformation or otherwise. And as a company that makes it’s living on the web we know the importance of stressing clarity whenever we speak with a client. It is something we pride ourselves in. Every project we undertake for a client comes with a comprehensive consultation process. This period of communication is important to assure customer satisfaction.

Recently a potential client queried 3PRIME and several other SEO companies for proposals. The potential client received several responses back and had this to say:

One SEO response was so bad I copied parts of yours to them and recommended they change their model since I was not interested in working with them.

3PRIME provided the company with a sample plan which closed with:

I hope the summary above demonstrates that we approach SEO in an intelligent, consultative manner, proposing creative and multi-faceted promotions that play into Google’s desires to place certain types of websites at the top, if properly designed, developed and promoted.

It’s encouraging that we’re able to connect with people on such a level that they would refer our methodology to rival SEO companies.

KoonsCarCentral.com on AboutUs.org

3PRIME has just completed a website entry on AboutUs.org. AboutUs.org is a wiki which keeps a large directory of websites, making it a great tool for promoting a site. 3PRIME has been utilizing the wiki for some time and we’ve just completed an entry for KoonsCarCentral.

KoonsCarCentral.com is a support site for the Koons Ford Dealers in Maryland. You can view the AboutUs.org entry for KoonsCarCentral.com here.

If you’re interested in having 3PRIME create or optimize an AboutUs.org profile for you then feel free to contact us.

How to start an SEO company

This has got to be the least targeted aardvark question ever:

Does anyone know… how to start a search engine optimization firm?
– Tai N. M / Guwahati, India

Pretty broad question. I’d say that you’d be following whatever local registration process applies to any other service oriented company.

Once you are properly registered, you’ll need customers, I recommend developing relationships with web developers and trying to capture their customers’ SEO requests, even if you have to pay the company a fee for the referrals that become your customers.

Once you have success for your SEO customers, advertise it, let people know what you did and encourage them to contact you so you can do the same for them.

Hope this basic outline helps!


Get free promotion for you Android App

How can I promote paid android application for free. Can you please write me forums, websites where can I publish review my android app, or video. Or maybe you have another advices how to promote it.

– Богдан К. 21 / M / Aachen, Germany

I’d recommend you find websites and blogs that are used by people in your audience and participate in them. As you become a recognized member of the community, your application will spark interest and give you the opportunity to promote it to “warm” contacts.

– Богдан К. 21 / M / Aachen, Germany

In the words of John Hodgman, You’re Welcome!

Is getsatisfaction.com good for SEO?

Is getsatisfaction.com good for SEO? Versus hosting something like WP-answers.com yourself on your own domain? My strategy for SEO is q&a content and I want to maximize the effectiveness of the content. Thanks!
– James M. 23 / M / Columbus, OH

I don’t know much about their program, but I’d say that if you want to be able to optimize your Q&A content, non of those programs are going to provide a really good way to do it

Instead, participate with these platforms and cherry-pick the pieces that best represent your answers and implement them as content.

What exactly are backlinks

What exactly are backlinks and how can I create them on my own for my website?
– Joel G. 21 / M / Smyrna, GA

A backlink, or link back, or inbound link is just a link to your website.

Since these links are, by definition, from other websites, you have to create relationships with other domains, other websites, to build your inbound links.

There are a variety of ways to do this, all of which have a cost in either money or time. For a link building package suited to your needs, please contact us. We’d be glad to help!

What part of my visitors are from search engines?

What part of the visits of a media website come from search engines?
– Dfg D. 29 / M / Paris, France

Do you have an analytics or website visitor statistics program or report that you can view?

If you were using Google analytics, you’d examine the “Traffic Sources” and you’d be able to identify how many visitors came from search engines. They even provide a nifty bar graph that consolidates into categories.

If you need your website updated get in touch, we’d be glad to help!

Over 4ft of Snow Can’t Stop SEO CT Company

Yes, over 4 ft of snow in the last 4 weeks, and we are marching on!

Parking Lot Snow 1-27-11

Some of our recent success with Google Places placement for our CT roof snow removal client Eagle Rivet Roofing Contractors, and our Michigan DUI Attorney have been made possible by careful research and subtle marketing.

We have also helped our newest business client pick up a solid, keyword-focused domain for their new business and will proceed designing their logo and building their website.

Need an SEO plan for 2011? Contact us today!

Blumenthal Investigates Google Street View

Outgoing Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has just assumed his new post in the U.S. Senate, and he decided to leave his state with a flourish – by slapping a “civil investigative demand” on none other than Google.

The company’s Street View service, while convenient, has long been a lightning rod for controversy, with inadvertent peers into windows and backyards triggering threats and lawsuits. Blumenthal demanded in December that Google hand over data it collected on local wireless networks, and that includes your router. There have been concerns that the company has engaged in improper collection of personal information.

Our friends in the Connecticut auto transport industry have frequently encountered Google Street View cars flickering around neighborhoods.

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